Successful Seminar for Carp Farming in Erbil – Iraq

15 March 2016

Early March Trouw Nutrition Hifeed hosted a fish feed seminar together with their Distributor in Iraq, Afnan Feed and Feed additives co. A group of more than 115 feed millers and fish farmers from different regions in Iraq attended the 2 day event. Sales of a special concentrate for Carp, which is the most popular farmed fish in Iraq, started 2 years ago. This concentrate, with technical support and training, has improved the results on the carp farms tremendously. FCR’s came down from 4 to 2 representing a cost reduction of more than 1 dollar per kg.

The seminar and farm visit, supported by lectures and demonstrations from Skretting and Trouw Nutrition technicians and local experts , gave carp farmers and feed millers new tools to improve their results and profitability.

We also introduced the possibility of using Profish Ω together with Carp concentrate to formulate high performance carp feeds.

The event was organized very professionally by the Afnan team and was well appreciated by all attendants.