Skretting Egypt in Export

29 March 2016

Tilapia feed from Skretting Egypt is starting to build a good reputation outside of Egypt, for example through export to East-Africa. The product line has been especially developed for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and cage farming. One of its features is the elevated digestible protein and nutrient content.

One of the customers is a RAS-tilapia farm in Kenya. It is a joint venture between a Kenyan and Dutch aquaculture company and participates in the Foodtechafrica Project ( The owner is very pleased with the new tilapia feed: “We are now able to grow tilapia to 500-grams with an FCR of 1.1. This makes our business model profitable and we can now start to expand our production capacity to the next level of 100 T”.

Another customer is a major cage farming operation in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Also, they experienced a major fish performance improvement when shifting from local feed to the new feed of Skretting Egypt. The production manager saw an immediate improvement in palatability and feed intake of the new feed. FCR has decreased by 0.2-0.4 points with the new feed. “Now our production plan of producing 2 cycles of 450 grams tilapia per year will become feasible” commented the production manager. Hans Vink, commercial manager Skretting Africa, is also pleased: “With Skretting Egypt quality feeds, we can open many doors in other countries in Africa."